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We know that getting out of your district isn’t always easy.That’s why we are pleased to offer these one-hour school law webinars on timely issues. Each webinar will include a brief overview of the latest developments in select areas of school law, followed by a Q & A. Each webinar will also be archived for later review by participants.  Purchase these as a bundle or individually (including archived webinars).


ACCESSING YOUR WEBINAR: Within 30min of a successful registration, you will have access to this course. Use this link and log in with your email address, and your password. 

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Individual Webinars

HIB and the Changing Legal Landscape

August 26, 2019 -  3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Instructors: David Nash, Esq., LEGAL ONE Director; Rebecca Gold,Former Director of Personnel and Administrative Services, Lawrence Township

As an Anti-Bullying Specialist, Anti-Bullying Coordinator or school administrator, you need to be ready on Day One of the school year to implement New Jersey's anti-bullying Bill of Rights. In this webinar, participants will learn about the latest developments, including the most recent case law on HIB, the new law related to restorative justice, the new requirement to teach about affirmative consent to sexual advances, and the latest guidance on parental rights under FERPA related to HIB investigation records. The session will also include a concise overview of key policies and procedures that should be in place related to HIB.

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Webinar Series: Value-Priced

LEGAL ONE Express: Interactive Webinar Series 18-19
11 webinars for all levels of school staff have been specially crafted for the 2018-19 school year. Each webinar can be purchased individually or bundled all together at a discounted rate. Each session is 60 minutes long and is accessible within 30 minutes of registration.

  • The ABCs of HIB: New Rules, Evolving Challenges, and Next Steps (Original Broadcast: 8/27/19)
  • Physical Restraint and Seclusion: Understanding the New Legal Requirements (Original Broadcast: 9/18/18)
  • Harm to Self and Others: Identifying and Responding to Students in Imminent Danger (Original Broadcast: 10/9/18)
  • Social Media, Politics and Staff: Legal Do’s and Don’ts (Original Broadcast: 11/20/18)
  • Vaping in Schools: Legal Requirements and Best Practices (Original Broadcast: 12/12/18)
  • Hot Issues in School Law (Original Broadcast: 1/8/19)
  • Social Media and Students: Legal Do’s and Don’ts (Original Broadcast: 2/5/19)
  • You Can't Make This $#!&! Up! School Law Horror Stories and Lessons to be Learned (Original Broadcast: 3/12/19)
  • Student Field Trips: Legal Requirements and Best Practices (Original Broadcast: 4/9/19)
  • Student Searches: Evolving Legal Standards (Original Broadcast: 5/7/19)
  • The Evolution of Collective Bargaining: Understanding Key Developments in State and Federal Law (Original Broadcast: 6/4/19)

Fee: $330 for all 11 webinars or $40 per webinar 

LEGAL ONE School Law Express: Attorney Webinar Series 18-19
This series of four one-hour webinars is designed to inform school attorneys, administrators, principals, supervisors and directors of important updates in the ever changing area of school law.  Each session is 70 minutes long, eligible for 1.2 NJ ad 1.0 PA CLE Credits, and accessible within 30 minutes of registration.

  • What’s New in School Law? - Fall 2018 (Original Broadcast: 10/10/18)
  • What’s New in School Employment Law? (Original Broadcast: 12/19/18)
  • What’s New in School Law? - Spring 2019 (Original Broadcast: 4/23/19)
  • What’s New in Student Safety and Student Rights? (Original Broadcast: 5/21/19)

Fee: $120 for the whole series or $40 per webinar

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planned for the 2019-20 school year! 

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