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Anti-Bullying Prof. Advanced Certificate of Mastery-Cohort 2

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LEGAL ONE'sAnti-Bullying Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery

Whether you are the Anti-Bullying Specialist or Anti-Bullying Coordinator, or serve as a school leader, you are charged with making decisions that address issues of harassment, intimidation and bullying, have a wide ranging impact on the health and safety of students and staff, and a lasting impact on overall school climate. For more than a decade LEGAL ONE has been the leading provider of school law training regarding New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. Now we are excited to take this training to the next level with the introduction of our Advanced Certificate of Mastery. This program provides intensive small group instruction, individualized coaching and certifies that participants are able to demonstrate the real world, authentic knowledge and skills necessary to address this critical need.

Additionally, participants are eligible to receive graduate credit and course replacement through Ramapo College of NJ’s MA in Educational Leadership and Post-Masters Programs at a significantly reduced cost. This is an outstanding and cost-effective opportunity for those seeking additional professional certifications (including the Principal CE, Director of School Counseling Services and School Administrator CE), career advancement and potential salary advancement.

Pathway 1 - Cost $650
Approximately 25 hours. Geared to specific needs of individual and to role as Anti-Bullying Specialist OR Anti-Bullying Coordinator
1. Prior completion of ABS Certificate Program or ABS Online Certificate Program since 2018 - Present
2. Completion of self-paced course School Climate: Leveraging the Power of School Climate Teams with Ten Essential - 3 hours
3. School Climate Conversation - 3 hours
4. Completion of the Basic Investigations content - 4 hours
5. Completion of Advanced Investigations Course - 5 hours
6. Completion of 3 hours of small group discussion, practice sessions - 1 hour each on identifying and responding to HIB, understanding employee/student rights, developing school climate plans
7. Completion of 1.5 hours of one-on-one coaching - Three 30-minute blocks (identifying HIB, employee/student rights and conducting investigations, school climate)
8. Defense of Certificate of Mastery - 5.5 hours (1 hour authentic presentation to expert panel & approximately 4.5 hours of prep time)

APPLY FOR PATHWAY 1 BY SUBMITTING THIS FORM https://tinyurl.com/LO-FEA-MasteryCertificate. A LEGAL ONE staff member will contact you shortly to coordinate the live parts of the program. You will have access to the self-paced components by February 15, 2022

Pathway 2 - Cost $999 (Save $151, well over 10%!)
Complete the ABS Online Certificate Program then complete the Anti-Bullying Professional Advanced Certificate of Mastery.
Approximately 40 hours per individual

REGISTER BELOW FOR PATHWAY 2 then submit this form, https://tinyurl.com/LO-FEA-MasteryCertificate. A LEGAL ONE staff member will contact you shortly to coordinate the live parts of the program. You will have access immediate access to the ABS Online Certificate Program and gain the Advance Mastery self-paced components by February 15, 2022.

See confirmation emails for access links. Individual emails are automatically sent for each live event date, online course, or webinar. Self-paced components are log in accessible within 30 minutes of registration.

Contact LEGALONE@njpsa.org with questions or for more information. Purchase orders can be sent to FEAsupport@njpsa.org

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