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12:00 AM - 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Vaping in Schools: Legal Requirements and Best Practices

Original Broadcast 12/12/18

Duration:1 hr
Cost $40
Accessible within 30 minutes of registration for 1 yr

Instructors: Lori Todd, ASAP-NJ President;James Sarto, Ed.S.; David Nash, Esq.;Rebecca Gold

Student vaping is a growing trend in our society and, of course,our schools.Unfortunately,many students are far ahead of their parents/educators on understanding this phenomenon.Students have become adept at masking their behavior,often vaping right in class.Many school districts address vaping under their tobacco use policy.However,many students are vaping high concentrations of CDS potentially putting themselves at significant medical risk.In this session,participants will gain a deeper understanding of vaping,learn key tips for ID, understand legal reqs that must be met if a student is suspected of being under the influence at school & receive common sense strategies for moving forward.

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