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Event Registration - CX *The Value of Family Engagement Pre-K-12

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*The Value of Family Engagement within our Pre-K to 12 Educational Institutions

Apr.12, 2021; 9 am - Noon (ONLINE)

Presenter: George Guy, FEA Consultant

Fee: $60 Members/ $75 Non-Members

Family engagement describes what families do at home and in the community to support their children's learning and development. It also encompasses the shared partnership and responsibility between home and school. Participants will begin to explore the following four objectives:

  • the relationship between family engagement and improved school/student outcomes from birth through high school;
  • the research supporting the importance of engaging families;
  • the difference between participation and engagement across different environments (e.g., rural, urban, and suburban) and communities (e.g., historically under-resourced communities); and
  • the additional benefits family engagement brings to parents, educators, and communities.
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